About Us

The DuPont Union Council Solidarity web site is a one-stop shop for materials of interest to DuPont workers and their families. The United Steelworkers International Union (USW) currently represent six DuPont facilities in Edge Moor, DE; Deepwater, NJ; Niagara Falls, NY; Buffalo, NY; and two in Louisville, KY. Through USW affiliations, DuPont workers are also connected with their brothers and sisters in Europe and throughout the world.

Since we give our daily labor to this large chemical company we know DuPont—and DuPont has changed—many of us believe for the worse. Gone are the days when workers could depend on DuPont to do right by its workers. Factories are closing and moving to the 3rd World, worker pensions are on shaky ground, health care costs for retirees have risen astronomically, and environmental problems are mounting. These are just a few of the issues we raise in this website.

DuPont can change. USW and its members have consistently offered olive branches to DuPont management. But DuPont is still bent on creating friction with its union workforce. Union workers can be a viable part of the solution to keeping good, high-paying jobs in America and we can once again bring DuPont back to being a premier company. We just want fair contracts that preserve our jobs.